KmProd5 Frequently Asked Questions

In this FAQ section, you’ll find short, clear answers to the most frequently asked questions about KmProd, our innovative MES/MOM solution developed by META2i. If you’re looking for information on what KmProd is, how much it costs, its operating system requirements, or the distinctions between ERP and MES, you’ve come to the right place.

KmProd is an MES solution designed for the information systems of production workshops. It enables you to monitor the ongoing activities, the actions of your operators, the material, the number of parts to manufacture but also to plan the number of necessary components for your production, or to check for example the temperature of the manufactured items, or the quality of these.
From the screen of the operator to that of the decision-maker, everyone finds the information they need in order to exceed their performance, individually and as a team!
KmProd is the Industrial Intelligence solution for your production processes.

The rate depend on the options chosen, the size and the complexity of the project. The deployment of an MES is an investment that will generate savings in the short and medium term, it is for this reason that it should not be seen as a cost but as an opportunity to improve service, to produce better and in better conditions.

No, it doesn’t.  KmProd adapts to your Microsoft environment. KmProd is also compatible with virtualized environment such as CITRIX Virtual Desktops.KmPord is devloped by Meta2i, a company certified as Microsofts Partners.

An ERP isn’t a tool of production, while an MES is. It allows to collect precise informations of the fabrication process or outages. The ERP and the MES are complementary. An ERP focalises on the daily requirements whereas the MES accompanies the operational in real time (seconds, minutes, shifts, etc.).

The real time measurement enables to frees up slots on the production schedule, while the monitoring of production processes allows the commercial, logistical and accounting services to conduct their actions with a high level of precision. This information enables the ERP to receive relevant data and thus makes it even more efficient.

KmProd is compatible with the vaste majority of ERPs. Over the years, many gateways have been put in place with the main ERPs in the market but also ERPs specific to some trades.

The Overall Equipement Effectiveness (OEE), but also the Economic Rate of return are central indicators at the heart of the toolkit. If your structure uses other indicators, KPI and others measurement tools, we can integrate them into KmProd.

The connection to KmProd adapts to your existing infrastructure (Login KmProd, Active Directory, LDAP SSO).

KmProd has been used by manufacturing companies for more than 20 years to optimize their production processes. Our product comes from the field and has been continuously enriched by user feedback.

Meta 2i comes from the field like our customers, we know their processes and can advise them in the most complex environments.

You’ll have to plan with an average of 3 months for deployment (indicative average value). The first modules can be deployed very quickly (sometimes in a few days). The more clearly the client defines its process, the more accurate the specifications, the faster the deployment.

In general, between the first appointment and the field deployment the period is one year.

1. Identification of needs
2. Client crafting of specifications
3. Analysis and assistance in drafting specifications (if required)
4. Internal investment demand and market study carried out by the customer
5. Solution specifications and yesting
6. Of course, choosing the KmProd solution 😉
7. Start work with KmProd integrator selected with customer
8. Development of specific needs and training of users
9. Field deployment
10. Profitability and amortization 😎.

The customer is the owner of the specific developments realised as part of the projects.

KmProd and its partners sign an escrow contract that gives the signatories access to the source code of the software in case of interruption of maintenance services.

This security for customers is the assurance of the durability of KmProd and guarantee of a quality that is for us a goal without compromise.

Yes, it does! KmProd manages among others: the production process along with, machine calendar, posts, operator schedules, their skills and maintenance. With KmProd, your calendar and internal organization are supported by a reliable and sustainable tool.

All terminals are supported by KmProd. We adapt to our customers’ very specific needs (touch screens, computers, smartphones, tablets).

Our business model is different from that of our colleagues. Enabling a great user experience is key to us. Therefore, we do not restrict licenses or modules (one license per site). Our goal is to provide a product that meets your need.

Text files, linked servers, web services, xml (and more !).

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