30 years of experiance in Industrial Intelligence

Our common goal :

Achieve operational excellence by the process monitoring and continuous improvement

Our expertise :

Principally dedicated in optimisation of production workshops in industry, the expertise continues today in consulting and editing of its production monitoring and MES software packages.

Our tools for your job

These systems founding tools integrating the devlopment of specialized ``business`` modules, are optimized and communicate from the operator to the decision-maker to create and complete the industrial informaion system of the factory and the workshop

Your processes, Our job

Satisfying your customers requires to ensure product quality development, innovation and constantly adapt.
This flexibility is our core business.

Production control & monitoring, the key to success

○ Having the data in real-time
○ Exploiting your field data
○ Optimize your processes

Our solution: real-time control, traceability, and monitoring by MES / MOM

○ Measure
○ Manage
○ Improve


○ Centralize data and functions
○ Communicate systems
○ Distribute information
○ Converge services

KmProd benefits

Like the majority of our customers, we are from the industry and we gain our expertise in the past 30 years from our customers' factories. This passion connects us and we are present before each new evolution in customers' core business and operational processes.

An open and evolving MES / MOM Solution

○ monitoring of all the production
○ management of the 4 resources of a company (People, Energy, Machinery, Materials)
○ Lean companion
○ Industrial and energy OPTIMIZATION
○ Continuous improvement of your processes
○ Multi-sites and multi-languages
○ SDK for product improvement

Our operational features

○ Edition of an industrial software suite for production monitoring (KmProd)
○ Creation of your specific solutions, modules, and applications MES/MOM
○ Developments in Industrial computing on market standards
○ Integration of process supervision applications SCADA
○ Revamping of software, applications, and systems
○ Systems Integration
○ Technical and application training (approved training center)
○ Consulting and Audit of production sites
○ Engineering studies and industrial project management
○ Online remote update TMA, (Tierce Maintenance Applicative)

Accompaniment & Partnership


○ Audit/ Engineering/ Expertise/ Consulting
○ Study/analysis
○ Specific development
○ Accompaniment (TPMA - Third-Party Application Maintenance)


○ Systems integrators
○ Third-party system editors
○ Schools, Universities and research centers

KmProd & ROI

The return on investment (ROI) of KmProd is real and multidimensional.
Here are his highlights:
  • 1

    Waste & scrap reduction

    Reducing waste is essential for your production costs, but also for your organization.

  • 2

    Better organization

    Each workshop is unique and each product has its own specific processes.
    Our tool integrates manage your 4 resources (Human, Machine, Material, Energy) & in all dimensions (time, delays, duration, priority, prevention).

  • 3

    Less raw material

    Reducing your consumption of raw material is essential for your costs but is also a strong act for the Earth !

  • 4

    Energy optimization

    Our energy optimization module adapts to your realities and allows you to make sustainable savings.

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