Our History

Discover our company’s 30 years history and how we became experts in software development for industrial companies

KmProd has been part of the evolution of industrial and manufacturing processes for over 30 years.
Our software has constantly been upgraded and improved in order to be adapted to the latest technological innovations.
A pioneer in Industry 4.0, KmProd is constantly evolving with the industries today, and will go on doing so for the years to come

Meta Productique Company has been an expert in the study and the development of supervision systems and applications for over three decades.

With a strong focus on the optimization of production workshops, our company has evolved towards the development and the edition of MES and production monitoring software, along with a range of consulting services.

Our toolkit integrates the development of specific business modules adapted to the existing manufacturing process, while creating the foundation for new systems. These modules enable a smoother communication between the operator and the supervisors resulting in the significant improvement of the manufacturing information system, be it in a factory or a production workshop

Edition of industrial production monitoring software packages (KmProd)
Creation of MES solutions and applications
Development in industrial computing in compliance with existing market standards
Integration of process supervision applications (SCADA)
Revamping of software, applications, and systems
Systems integration
Technical and application training (certified training center)
Consulting and auditing of production sites
Engineering studies and industrial project management
Online remote application management

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Operational Features

Our Strengths

  • Adaptability & Customization
  • Reactivity
  • Experience
  • Proximity
  • Continuous improvement

Our mission

META 2i offers its industrial intelligence solution to improve manufacturing processes and quality control so that our clients reach profitability in their production management.

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