The KmProd5,method

Our history and values

Human at the heart of innovation

We know that your job is demanding and that each workshop has unique specificities, that is why our method integrates from the beginning all the stakeholders, from the apprentice to the manager through the temporary or the workshop chief.

Continuous improvement is at the heart of our DNA and will remain so for us to grow with and for our customers.

Our goals for our customers

The KmProd method is designed to meet the problems experienced by our customers every day.

Our response, tools and metrics (KPI) are based on these goals and we are continually seeking to improve them.

Limit rejects and losses

Economic and ecological gesture, optimized management of the risk of rejects is essential.


Your business evolves quickly and technologies even more. The scheduling and organization allow to go to the essential without upsetting the existing.

Share information

Whether rising, descending or horizontal, information is at the heart of your strategy and your success


Continuous adaptation to market requirements and the needs of the field can only be achieved by taking into account the realities of the organization.

How do we work ?

Subject progress tracking will be performed in PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act).

This method presents the 4 phases to successively follow in a logic of continuous improvement.


Study, analyze, plan and prepare the work to be done. Establish objectives, define the tasks to be performed.


Make, perform, exchange information in question / answer mode and perform the tasks provided.


Check the results. Measure and compare with forecasts (time, material, expenses and other variables / consumables).


Synthesis and corrective actions if necessary. Analysis of the causes of deviations between the expected and the achieved, definition of new intervention points.

KmProd5, as simple as effective !

Industry 4.0 is primarily made of networks. KmProd5 is compatible with most and handles QR codes and barcodes and connects all your terminals and machines around the world. Have all the tools you need to focus on the best decisions to make

capturing and mesuring


synthesize and decide

Lean Management Support

The lean management methodologies have been proven in the industry, our tools allow to integrate these processes and devices in your daily life




Implementation of measurement indicators (KPI, objectives)


mesure du trs


Visual management via the dashboard. Real time display, identification of delays and drifts.


analyse via kmprod


Exploitation of the data and statistics of synteses. Multi-decision tools, display curves in real time.




Execute the action plan. Real-time traffic information (schedules, imagery, logistics, materials, consumables)


controle via kmprod

Control and Improve

Standardization of verification and quality control. Comparative expected / realized, syntheses for decision makers

KmProd5 and Agile Methods

Agile methods have proven themselves and our many deployments have increased our expertise to the point of being able to quickly deploy complex solutions.

What are the advantages of your structure ?

Modular and quick to deploy system. In just three months, the first modules can be installed and tested!
Real-time correction and adaptation during deployment. Fixes are applied as needed
Solution based on user experience, from workshop to decision

méthode agile de déploiement de projet

Why an MES / MOM ?

The MES / MOM is at the heart of the data and even more, it is a lever of growth and precision. Its ability to interface between the production terminals / sensors and the ERP gives a fair and realistic vision of the production as the workshop.

the MES / MOM communicates perfectly with the machines. It summarizes the information and makes it possible to anticipate risky situations (delays, reminders, warnings, requests for actions). This capability allows for effective action in the following areas:

The functions of the ERP: the Enterprise Resource Planning, is part of the normative, legal and commercial logic of the company. Its action is complementary to that of the MES / MOM.

  • Planning de production
  • Factory production schedule
  • Logistics

The MES / MOM, at the heart of the data, is able to deploy many modules for the applicant. These tools allow synthesis during production for decision-makers and actors.

  • Acquisition of data
  • Scheduling
  • Staff management
  • Resource Management
  • Product and batch tracking
  • Product and historical traceability
  • Quality control
  • Manufacturing process management
  • Performance Analysis
  • Document management
  • Maintenance management
  • Manufacturing
  • Machines and terminals
  • Controllers
  • Control and Quality

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